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The answer to this, it would sadly seem, is no.

It appears there are no regulations in place to ensure minimum standards of toilet facilities for school children.  Whilst there is legislation in place to cover the number of toilets and handbasins that have to be provided (School Premises Regulations 1999), that legislation does not say that they have to be clean.  It doesn’t say that there has to be hot water or soap, or toilet seats, or lockable doors….

At present, the Government is proposing to revise even the small amount of stipulations that do exist – taking away the standards governing the number of facilities that have to be provided.

Our Partner, ERIC’s Bog Standard Campaign, is campaigning against these proposed revisions, and continues to campaign for improved legislation covering school toilets.  This would mean that amongst other things:-

  • the 23% of schools that don’t provide hot water would have to do so
  • the 31% of schools that don’t give the children soap to wash their hands with would have to do so
  • the 40% of Primary Schools that don’t provide sanitary bins for older girls would have to make them available

(taken from a survey carried out by school nurses in 2003 on behalf of the Community Practitioners & Health Visitors Association)

Please do one small thing that could vastly improve the Health & Wellbeing of many, many schoolchildren – click on the link below and sign the petition.

 Thank You

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