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WHO?  We are a team of people working to help schools run effective school councils, and also to promote the general well-being of children throughout the UK.  We work within the wide area of Pupil/Student Voice, Citizenship, Young Leadership and Pupil/Student Democracy, which doesn’t just stop with School Councils, but we believe that School Councils are where it starts.

WHAT? We offer a wide range of resources to assist schools in running effective School Councils.  We also offer Training, both for the School Council members and for school staff involved with their School Council.  There are free resources available for download from this site, and more resources on sale in our online shop at  We also have a network of Members who benefit from discounts in the shop, a monthly Members Email and at some levels, a set of free resources each year.

WHERE?  We are based in Felixstowe on the East coast of England.  We can almost see the North Sea from our windows and can certainly eat our sandwiches on the beach at lunchtime (if the sun is shining!).  Felixstowe not only the home of SCUK, it is also the largest container port in the UK.

WHEN?  We are generally in the office from Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5.00pm.  However, our online shop is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

WHY?  Why do we do this job?  Because it’s great!  We help students understand that their opinion is of value, that their voices should be heard, and that their suggestions have merit.  We help them to learn how to communicate effectively with the adult world, and show them how to develop skills that will remain with them throughout their lives, all through the vehicle of their School Council.

School Councils UK, The Old Dairy, Victoria Street, Felixstowe, IP11 7EW


Tel:  0845 456 9428      Fax:  0845 456 9429

We are working hard on the BRAND NEW version of the Primary Handbooks.  The draft is now with our designer, who will transform our words and ideas into an attractive, informative and indespensible resource for your Primary School Council members.  We are planning to produce these handbooks in an A4 format, which means we can use a larger font size and give more room for younger children to write their notes.  These BRAND NEW handbooks will link with Citizenship and the KS1/2 curriculum and will certainly be a “must have” for your School Council!

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