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From Sally Page

gwrlogo.jpgWith the exciting Guiness World Record Handwashing attempt nearly upon us, we think it is worth repeating what we said back in Newsletter 32…

OK, school councillors (and link teachers!), this is YOUR chance for YOUR school to take part in a genuine Guinness World Record attempt, along with every other school in the country. The attempt is being organised by the Health Protection Agency (wow!) and School Councils UK jointly.
e-buglogo.jpgOn Monday October 15th, an official Guinness World Record attempt will take place to set the record for young people at school, all doing the same hand hygiene lesson at the same time. Schools across the UK will be taking part and you are invited to join in, so that you can say that you are a Guinness World Record holder. Yes, you!

There is no cost to take part. Simply ask your teacher to follow this link to register your school's interest in being involved and to receive your information pack to tell you how to enter. We will send your teacher the information you need. School councillors should ask the link teacher to register and not do so themselves.

If your
school has previously registered, but has not yet sent in the consent form, please could we ask you to do this as soon as possible – we don’t want you to miss out on taking part!hpalogo.jpg

Of course, there's a serious side to this. We want young people to realise just how important hand hygiene is. Washing your hands is quite simply the best thing you can do to protect yourself against many diseases.

ghdlogo.jpgWe also want to show the world that when young people speak with one voice they should be heard. Already, many schools have signed up. Just think! If you and everyone else takes part, we could have the biggest ever number of young people doing the same thing at the same time. You will show them what a very powerful voice young people have.

Please help us spread the word by mobile and on Twitter (follow @schoolcouncils and @HPAuk)

Note to teachers: there's a great lesson plan available to back up this exciting and fun event.

Here is a map showing the schools who had signed up by 17 September:

schools who have registered their interest 17.09.12a.png

Click here to download the Special Issue of the e-Bug Schools Newsletter.