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From the Chairman

A very interesting article in the Guardian last week.

...A school council is a formal method of taking young people's views into account ... This is not about putting children in charge. Rather, it is about listening to their concerns and using their experience as the main users of school services to make improvements...
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Slender Brenda

ws172.jpgIn celebration and support of Beatbullying's Big March that took place on 1st March, we are promoting a really good book:

WS—From "Rear-Ender" to "Slender-Brenda", by author Jane Cuff.

We have just 15 signed copies of this book left in stock, and we are offering them on a first-come, first-served basis at a special "Big March" price of £5.50 each.

These books carry an important anti-bullying message wrapped up in a great story! Suitable for age 9+, "Slender Brenda" will be a great reinforcement for your School's Anti-Bullying message.

Order online at
or call us on 0845 456 9428

Wot? No Bog Standard?

mumdragging.jpgFirst the Tories gave us 'Margaret Thatcher the Milk Snatcher'; now school children are victim of Michael Gove the toilet snatcher, says children's charity ERIC's Bog Standard campaign.
The charity lobbied Parliament on Tuesday 28th February with an eye catching stunt featuring a mum of three dressed as Michael Gove dragging a toilet from College Green to the Department of Education

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Portway Junior

portwayschooluptonpark.jpgPupils at Portway Junior School in Andover, Hampshire have been exploring what life is like in the Big Smoke!

Representatives of the School Council travelled to Plaistow to visit with Portway Primary School in the borough of Newham. Links were made between the two schools last year, and there have been several exchanges of staff and pupils since.
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bblogo.gif"The programme was about helping each other to get on and promoting kindness and friendship, which is what we’d hoped for! A child who is usually quiet and shy to express opinions to others really came out of herself during role play and voiced how to be kind and how wrong it is to argue."

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Website for Education and Development

youngvoicelogo.jpgDoes your school or society need a new WordPress website? There is a project called YoungVoice that makes budget project websites for companies, social enterprise and individuals that are offering a fantastic opportunity...
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Ending Violence against Women and Girls

cameron2.jpgWatch this message from the Prime Minister on International Women's Day.

Any violence is a bad thing, but to use violence against those who are weaker than the perpetrators is despicable. The following article and video from David Cameron outline what this government is planning to do to help end violence against women and girls. If you know of students in your school who are experiencing or enduring violence, then please do work with your fellow school councillors to find a way to help.

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