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From the Chairman

What comes through loudest and clearest to me about the whole Stephen Lawrence affair is the starkness of the difference between the grace and charm of Stephen's mother Doreen and the police force who should have served Stephen and her. And didn't.

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Scam Alert

It has come to our attention that there's an email circulating inviting schools to a "British Youth Forum" event organised by "European Council for Youth Mobility in Research & Technology" and asking for £430 fee.

Ignore it if you receive it – there is no such event and the invitation is a scam. If you do receive it, please report it to the Fraud alert service at

Teaching stubborn children

Stubborn children can be challenging. You want them to do something but they just dig their heels in and refuse to budge on their actions or their thoughts or they may even ignore you when you discipline them. It can make some teachers feel frustrated – after all, the majority of the class are doing what they are supposed to. So how, as a teacher, can you get them to co-operate?

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Special offer on Tablet badges

badges.jpgUntil the end of February 2012, we are offering our very popular metal enamelled tablet badges at a reduced price.

Minimum of 10 badges (you can mix & match) at just £1.30 + VAT each

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From our Partner, Spurgeons

blackink.jpgUpdate from The Big Orange Stomp 2011

Spurgeons’ national fundraising day had the theme ‘Wear your wellies and stomp for Spurgeons’ – and many supporters, staff and projects did! Highlights included...

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Student Observers – can you help?

Robert May’s School, an 11-16 comprehensive school in Hampshire are currently undertaking research in improving Teaching and Learning with Student Observers. If your school has any experience of using students as classroom observers, or is thinking of doing so, then please do email me at I will pass your replies on to Chris Wright, the Lead Teacher.

Thank you.

Learning, Education and Outreach at
the Peace Museum UK

The Peace Museum UK is unique. It is the only museum in the country dedicated to the history of peace and conflict. The history of peace is often an un-told story. We attempt to tell this story through exploring the past and the present (the history of tomorrow) and suggesting how this may educate, inspire, commemorate and transform attitudes and behaviours.

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