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 Each of these organisations are a specialist in their job working hard to make your lives better.

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 Can help you if your mind isn’t working properly so that you feel confused all the time or if you find your feelings very hard to cope with.


 Provide help to children who are being bullied and work with bullies to help them understand why they are bullies and to stop.


 Helping deaf children to achieve the best that they can by taking away any obstacles put in their way due to their deafness.


 Offer workshops to young people to help them develop confidence.  Working to make children’s lives better.


Working hard to make everyone understand why it is so important to use soap when you wash your hands – especially after going to the toilet and before eating.


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 Bog Standard works with children, young people, schools and government to improve school toilets.   


Brook provides straightforward advice to young people about sexual stuff and relationships



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