Got a Problem?


We’re sorry you are worried or that you have a problem.  Hopefully, we can help you.


Click on the coloured button next to what sounds most like your problem:-


Click here     Bullying (you are being bullied, your friend is being bullied,

                      you  want  to stop being a bully)


 Click here     School Toilets (dirty, smelly, no doors, nowhere to

                       wash hands, not being allowed to go)


Click here     Mental Health (feeling too sad to cope, worrying that

                      someone else is too sad)


Click here     Deafness


Click here     Handwashing (why is it important? How can it help you not to get colds?)


Click here     Life Skills (how to be a Leader, how to achieve your very best)


Click here     Sexual Health & Relationships


When you have sent your message, it will be read carefully.  If the person you have sent it to thinks that another Partner can help you too, then they will talk to the other Partner.  We want to make sure you get the very best help we can give you.