We are pleased that the Teaching Citizenship magazine has reviewed our new School Council Handbook for Primary Pupils. 

However, we would like to clarify a few points!

This fantastic new handbook is a re-write and re-design of the old School Council Handbook for Primary Pupils.  It has been brought up to date with current ideas and refreshed with new sections, illustrations and helpful Morphs! 


Our Toolkits are designed for use by Teachers who are setting up and supporting School Councils within their school.  These comprehensive books give advice and guidance for both Teacher and Pupil sessions covering ideas such as Circle Time, Charters of Behaviour, Peer Mediation, Writing an Agenda and even music for School Council songs.

The School Council Handbook for Primary Pupils has been designed to be given to each member of the School Council to help them understand and fulfil the important role they have been elected to.  It gives advice on such areas as research, fundraising, issues and inclusion.  The Handbook is not intended for use as a teaching tool within a citizenship lesson.  It is a special Handbook aimed at helping each School Councillor work as part of a team to assist their School Council be the best channel possible for Pupil Voice within their school.

SCUK E-Newsletter 13/06/11

We are very exciting to have been able to add a new category to our online shop – FUNDRAISING. This category will feature products that your School Council can purchase in order to re-sell within the school (to students, staff, parents, etc).  Not only will this encourage all those budding entrepreneurs, but will also help fund anything the School Council want to do. 

The first of what we hope will be a wide variety of products has been uploaded today, so do click on the link and take a look!  [Here is a sneak preview]

We have two Twitter accounts:

SchCouncilForum : For School Councillors, Link Teachers and other interested parties, to pool ideas, news and chat.

SchoolCouncils : School councils turn pupil voice into action and schools into communities. We support pupils, staff and others to create effective, whole school, participation

We have been asked by the Head of Public Involvement at Ofsted, to request your participation in Ofsted’s consultation on the inspection of Maintained Schools and Academies from January 2012.  The following link takes you to their web page which includes a link to the survey and a young people’s version of the consultation documents.

Please do take this chance to have your voices heard!



Please either download the form, complete the information and fax it to us on 0845 456 9429 or email the info required to members@schoolcouncils.org .  We will then set up your own Website within our Members Network Hub.

Welcome back to a new term!  After so many Bank Holidays I don’t know if we feel rested, or just completely out of routine!  In many ways it will be good for life to get back to normal.

To encourage your School Councils in the excellent work I know they do, we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you!  Every order for resources over £50 (excluding VAT and P&P) will have a FREE primary or secondary DVD added to it.  Just place your order as usual (by fax, phone or in our online shop) and your DVD will automatically be included.

The Primary DVD – “Safe and Sorted” presents the achievements of two primary schools in very different circumstances.  It focuses on the involvement of all pupils in the council through class meetings.

The Secondary DVD – “Voices of Reason” presents the achievements of Lipson Community College, examining the effects of the School Council on pupils, staff, governors and the community.  The TES descibes it as “a genuinely uplifting case study”.

This is a time-limited offer, so why not check your resources now and order whilst you can get this FREE offer!

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