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Some apps you want, this app you need

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The groundbreaking app Find My Child is now helping reunite separated children and panicking parents around the world.

A parent’s biggest fear is losing their child. It happens more often than anyone wants to admit, with 28% of parents who visit theme parks with their children admitting losing them at some point. The smartphone app and alert network Find My Child is the first of its kind, enabling parents to alert other parents and helpers in the local area should they lose sight of their child.

Supported by television presenter and mum of two Mariella Frostrup, who provides the voice for the app’s audio alerts, Find My Child is a simple but effective tool. A parent can take a picture of their child before visiting a public place and if they are unlucky enough to lose sight of their child they can alert parents in the area, who have the app, and circulate a picture and an indication of where they were last seen. If a parent then spots the child they are able to contact the searching parent instantly, at the touch of a button, making them a true hero.

mariella fostrup

Mariella Frostrup commented: “Losing sight of a child for even a minute and not knowing where they are is every parent's worst nightmare. As a parent I know that if I lost sight of one of my children I would want as much help as I could get fast. Find My Child does exactly that and that's why I voiced the alerts. The more of us that download this inspired app the more comprehensive the network of support will be.”

Find My Child was conceived by father of three and former BBC3 superhero ‘Sortitout-Man’ Colin Brewer, who in 2009 changed his name by Deed Poll to Happy Birthday (not for a bet but a business). The app was then brought to life by reality TV expert Roger Moffatt, the innovator and software developer behind Big Brother series one in 2000.

Happy BrewerHappy spoke of his inspiration: “I lost one of my children at the Princes Diana Playground in London, one of the safest places to play, and the feeling of panic instantly took over. I found myself frantically approaching everyone explaining how old she was and what she looked like. Of course she was at the bottom of the pirate ship, totally unaware of her panicking father. It was then I realised I needed help from as many people as possible, and fast!”

The social helpwork Find My Child is free and available to download now from the Apple App Store.

To use the app as a parent/guardian usually costs just 69p a year. However, SCUK newsletter recipients can use the code fmcfree2012 to download and use the app for free for the first 12 months (this needs to be done through the site as Apple will not allow vouchers via the app store). There will be an android version available in the next month or so.

To find out more about Find My Child visit or follow on Twitter @findmychildapp.