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The aim of ApprenticeSupermarket is to develop the self belief, life skills, business skills and employability of unemployed young people through the provision of teaching the theory of business with the aim of getting young people into work or further education.

The Founder and MD of ApprenticeSupermarket, Andrew Kunman, says:

We are looking to create a National Platform that will help the “So Called Lost Generation”. There is an abundance of talent out there but most employers are looking for candidates that have work experience, yet most / nearly all the training providers teach theory and not practical skills.

This is where we are different!

We provide an 80 hour, 4 week BootCamp allowing the young adult to understand what the working environment is like. We teach office skills, office policy and procedures, self confidence, logistics and supply chain process, office interaction and public speaking. On the BootCamp they also learn interview techniques and update or create their CV. The aim of the BootCamp is to get them a head start ready for a job or apprenticeship. Whether they continue their learning with Apprentice Supermarket and go on to work in customer service or whether they want to go down a different career path, we will find them suitable placements and assist where possible in making sure they have a next step to go to.

Those who choose and are chosen to go on to an apprenticeship with us then start a customer service / business admin / telemarketing training /NVQ’s level 2 qualification. We have taken eleven young adults between 18/24yrs old, seven have passed their qualification with us to date and the remainder will pass by September this year.

I feel that we will always have the young people coming through the system that need help and support, every one deserves a chance and this concept can be “licensed / sublicensed” out on a national platform. The current level of youth unemployment of 1.04 million is the highest since the mid 1980s so our aim is to create “Apprentice Training Academies” in every major town and city in the UK. Our brand the “ApprenticeSupermarket” will allow a “One Stop Shop” to view online, search and select the location and course that the individual needs. We then need to engage with Local and National Employers that will take our cohorts on their next part of their career path. Promotional photo courtesy Brillpix Photograph

So, to the young people out there, we would say:

Our aim is to help every young adult that comes through the course find an apprenticeship, job or course, all they have to do is turn up on time, put the effort in and leave the rest to us.

ApprenticeSupermarket is currently only based in Northampton, but we hope to roll out the programme across the UK as demand grows. So, if this is of interest to you as a School, or as a potential Apprentice, do get in touch!

Andrew Kunman

Email: info@
Office: 0845 835 0270
Mobile: 07875 99 44 14