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Why do we need training?


Which words do you think of when you consider your School Council?

But how do you know if these are all applicable? Are you sure that you are getting the best from the Students? Are you sure that the School Council is playing a large enough role in your school or academy?

Ask yourself the questions:

If you can give positive and certain answers to all the above then you are doing great – but there’s always more (lesson observations, student governors, participation in interviews, etc).

If you can’t be sure of your answers, then you are probably not making the most of your students and your School Council.

Our Trainers are all very experienced in all aspects of School Councils, Student Voice, Pupil Democracy… Even a half-day training on Effective Meetings and Communication can make a real difference. We believe that many schools are just starting to realise just how much of an impact involving students in their learning processes and educational environment can make. We are receiving Training enquiries daily. Our Trainers’ diaries are filling up ready for newly elected Reps to start making a difference from the very start of the new school year.

Do take a good look at what you and your Council are doing. If the Reps are not focussed and fully involved then training is a necessity. If they are, why not stretch them more and train them in Lesson Observations or appoint Student Governors.

Take a first step by contacting us:
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