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"On The Edge" Fusion Youth Orchestra

OTE Logo

For young musicians in the Birmingham area…


We’d like to welcome you to “On The Edge”.


Sometimes the same four walls all week make you want to get up and make some noise! A lot of noise!!


We’d like you to escape that Monday to Friday, School/College feeling and come along to “On The Edge” to get involved in a creative learning environment that is laid back, open to all, and fun! You’ll meet some new people, get to play some cool sounds and do things that sitting in front of the TV or computer just can’t match.

Our doors are open….. drop us an email and let us know you’re interested. We’d love to see you down here.



The “On The Edge” Fusion Youth Orchestra embodies a vision to join the sounds of the world that already individually inhabit Birmingham’s musical landscape to develop a new sound identity for the region’s youth community.

Working with young people to animate, captivate and fuse a range of non-western instruments and popular music styles into the jazz tradition in a new and exciting way. High profile and local professional musicians will take up mini-residences of no longer than two months to teach techniques attributable to fusion styles.


Please do print the poster and display it wherever you can!

For more information:
Mobile: 07815 740666