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Raise money for School Councils Foundation by searching on the internet!

We have registered SCF with Affilyon, which means that by searching on the internet you can help raise money for the Foundation.

It’s very easy – all you have to do is to set up your computer to use the link below as your search page.

This is how it works:-

Affilyon is a simple, effective, and easily implemented way for you to generate fundraising revenue just by doing something you do everyday already... searching the internet. With all the power of the Yahoo! search engine at your fingertips, you simply perform your usual internet searches using the tools that we provide to generate funds. And there is no cost or obligation to you or them.

But if there's no cost involved - where does the money come from?

We hope that you will use this very easy method to help SCF raise money.

Our previous fundraising effort raised money to send to Haiti to assist them in re-establishing schools and education after the hurricane disaster. We are currently awaiting a full report on exactly how these funds have been used and hope to be able to share this with all SCF supporters soon.

Thank you for your support.