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Websites for education and development

Does your school or society need a new WordPress website? There is a project called YoungVoice that makes budget project websites for companies, social enterprise and individuals that are offering a fantastic opportunity.


Every website that's paid for and made ensures two websites for young people that would not normally have access to their own website. When you buy a website for your school, association or project it helps your social responsibility purpose and you can even pick who benefits from this.


Your website is professional and updated without contacting YoungVoice, as they use the WordPress platform for all websites and you do this all yourself! It's OK, it is easy and works very well for millions of people already. You can blog as well as adding content as well as knowing how to get the website found online!

Contact YoungVoice for more information about a website with a difference — on the proven WordPress platform that every one is talking about. We do good things and you get some credit too!