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CyberMentors Beat Bullying!

Your school can achieve outstanding rating with Ofsted, transform your children’s attainment and rebuild lives - if you have an anti-bullying programme as strong as CyberMentors.

CyberMentors is an award-winning, peer mentoring programme for young people aged 11-17 who are being bullied. It's run by young people for young people, schools and local communities.

Beat bullying logoThe expert CyberMentors team go into schools and train young people to help each other with bullying and wellbeing problems offline and online at

As you read this:

The support and assistance continues online. As part of the training the young people learn how to use the CyberMentors’ website where they can mentor other young people, further adding to their communication and interpersonal skills.

Your school can also experience this uplift in self esteem, attainment and inclusion.

Primary intervention

Primary schools have a dedicated programme too. MiniMentors is a peer mentoring programme designed specifically for five-11-year-olds. MiniMentors focuses on encouraging young children explore what makes for a good sense of friendship and wellbeing, and how to be a good friend. It also introduces the sensitive topics of bullying, cyberbullying and children’s safety, both online and offline.

As a result of the programme, MiniMentors schools are enjoying:

The children also learn to use the MiniMentors’ website where they download games, activities and chat safely to other MiniMentors, sustaining the positive impact of the MiniMentors’ programme in enhancing and maintaining their friendships offline.

Over half of MiniMentors schools have set up sustainable offline peer mentoring programmes to support the success of MiniMentors. Friendship benches and discussion groups are now commonplace in schools long after the MiniMentors trainers have finished training the children.

"The programme was about helping each other to get on and promoting kindness and friendship, which is what we’d hoped for! A child who is usually quiet and shy to express opinions to others really came out of herself during role play and voiced how to be kind and how wrong it is to argue."
Teacher, Cranmer Primary School, Merton

Your children can be part of this friendly, supportive and caring support network by becoming a MiniMentors primary school, or a CyberMentors secondary school. Call Laura on 020 8771 3377 to discuss.