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Emrys ap Iwan School Council

Under the guidance of Assistant Headteacher Mr Mike Williams, Emrys ap Iwan's School Council has been completely re-vamped. For this academic year, the new Council has trebled in size with over 30 students directly involved, supported by year Councils in every year group.

The students on the full council have chosen to join one of three groups looking at Communication, Projects and PSHE.

emrys schoolThe Communication group have set up a School Council Facebook group which is starting to grow in size. They have also set up a Twitter account (@emrysvoice) to assist with communication and as a platform to gather students’ views. A termly newsletter is also planned which will inform students and parents about the range of activities going on around school.

The PSHE group have started preparing materials for students to use on one of the school's enrichment days on the subject of Citizenship. This will continue throughout this academic year and it is intended that the materials will be used next year.

The Projects Group have launched the school's Eco Schools initiative and are also helping to work towards the Fairtrade School award.

The biggest change this year saw the year 7 and 8 Council members elected by whole year group elections that were held in September in the school's theatre. These were very successful and gave the students elected particular satisfaction to have the support of their peers. Year 8 students Zara Ahmed and Emily Smith commented, "It was great to have been elected by the other students in year 8. We are both looking forward to representing our year on the School Council".

Zara who is part of the Projects Group added, "It is exciting to be part of a group looking at issues that affect people on a local, national and worldwide level."

Emily, who is part of the Communication Group said,’ It will be interesting to get more students actively joining on Twitter, commenting on issues that affect us around school. We also hope that our newsletter coming out just after Christmas will allow students to see the great work that is going on around school."

Though still in its early stages, it looks like Pupil Participation at Emrys is on the up and further initiatives such as Student Observers are planned for 2012.