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From the Chairman

We've been exploring Twitter as another way to talk to schools, school councils and the education community generally.

Has to be said, Twitter growth has been explosive for us.

In case you don't already tweet, a huge number of schools have a Twitter account now in their own right. So do many youth councillors, most MP's etc. It is an enormously valuable FREE tool, accessible anywhere, that enables you to interact in real time, or whenever fits your schedule. Tweets are just 140 characters long so brevity applies! However you can use the 140 characters to link like an email to a bigger document or picture (say) located on the web.

twitter logoIf you don't have a Twitter account, we can point you towards some useful guidance on how to go about it. To start with just click here (or go to to tweet via your mobile) and follow your nose.

We'd very much like you to see you there. So please do follow @schoolcouncils on Twitter.