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Teaching Stubborn Children

Stubborn children can be challenging. You want them to do something but they just dig their heels in and refuse to budge on their actions or their thoughts or they may even ignore you when you discipline them. It can make some teachers feel frustrated. After all, the majority of the class are doing what they are supposed to. So how, as a teacher, can you get them to co-operate?


Well, here are several tips that I think could really help:

There may be a stubborn child in your class, and I think the more prepared you are for it, the better.

Naomi Richards, also known as The Kids Coach, is a life coach for children from the age of 6 years old and provides coaching for them on any behavioural and emotional issue that they have. She provides a space for children to talk confidentially about why they are unhappy and helps them resolve their problems in an interactive, creative and supportive way. She works face to face with children and runs workshops. Naomi is part of the 3 Counties Radio parenting and families show, and writes for parenting, teenage and women's magazines. Her first book, 'The Parents Toolkit', is published by Vermilion (Feb 2012).