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Many of you already know about the in-school training we can provide for Link Teachers and School Councils. Indeed, a growing number of schools have already undertaken training and are running more smoothly and effectively as a result.

The training can cover many different aspects of Student Voice. From a complete start-up through to more involved areas such as Lesson Observations and Staff Interviews.

Some comments from previous training participants:

“It was an amazing day, I felt I learnt loads and it was beneficial to me” Student

“I enjoyed collaborating to work on tasks the most” Student

“The most important thing I leant was that if you want one thing and more people want another you’ve got to give in to them!” Student

“For me the most useful session was looking at the reality of the current situation versus the perfect model” Link Teacher

“The most important thing I leant was to take School Council more seriously” Student

Currently, we have experienced Trainers based in the following areas:

So, if you feel you and your School Council could do with training – whether you want to expand your scope or just refresh your enthusiasm, do get in touch.

Also, if you are an experienced Student Voice Trainer, and would be interested in potentially joining our Team, just let me know.