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Kay Prendergast, the Assistant Head at Meden School, was in touch with us at the start of this school year. Although they had a School Council, she felt it needed more structure and sought some advice. We talked on the phone, and I posted a good amount of information to them to help their thinking and consultation with the Students.

The main school council is very large – 80 students – representing all the Tutor Groups. However, it has very sensibly been decided to break this down into a School Executive Committee and various sub-committees. At the end of this article you will find a link to the PowerPoint presentation Kay prepared for her meeting with the Tutorial Reps, explaining how the whole set up will work.

Kay Prendergast has formed her vision and she and the students are moving it on. How fantastic is that? Another school that will, according to research, find that the students are more engaged, respect between students and staff will be fostered and as a result academic and vocational attainment levels will increase. What more could all the stakeholders ask for?

Meden School Council

Download PowerPoint presentation