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From the Chairman

There's right and there's wrong.

Sometimes, something happens where we all know it's wrong. We know that we could say so to a total stranger and that the stranger would automatically agree.  There's a basic human instinct inside us that tells us something is wrong and no amount of denial could alter it.

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Beauchamps High School

beauchampshigh1.jpgNicola Cope, Director of Student Engagement at Beauchamps High School has written to us about a recent project carried out at the school.

A joint project committee was set up with the Student Council and the Able, Gifted and Talented students. Students received empty hanging baskets from our local Bowling club and spent a number of weeks taking part in extra curricular lessons, which included lessons on planting...

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21st Century gadgetry

As you have already read above, social networking and e-media are the voice of young people, and the voice of the future.  In a previous issue we shared with you some ideas from a School Council on how mobile phones could be used as a learning tool.  As we move further into the 21st century, we believe that e-media is going to become more embedded in our psyches...

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New friend – Spurgeons

spurgeonslogo.gifThis month we’re delighted to introduce some new friends of ours – Spurgeons.  This amazing children’s charity helps young people who are struggling for lots of different reasons like young carers – children who care for a parent, brother or sister, children who have lost someone close to them through death or separation, children who are neglected and not being cared for properly and children who are in trouble with school or the police...

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Ofqual have been in contact with us and have asked for input from teachers and schools.  Please do read what they have said, as follows:

"Ofqual is determined to support all test and examination developers by promoting good, accessible assessments, offering guidance on the best ways to develop these and to monitor their accessibility.

In 2010 we commissioned further research studies on the accessibility of the National Curriculum Tests and General and Vocational Qualifications. These have been completed and we are now in a position to consult with you on this important issue".

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Free Downloadable Resources

We've noticed from the responses to our Survey that many schools are not aware that you can download lots of great resources from our website – completely FREE OF CHARGE.  You don’t have to be a Member of our Network to access them, you don’t even have to log-in.  All you need to do is visit

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Have a great summer!

This will be the last Newsletter of this school year as we know that most schools are finishing this week (we know that some areas, Scotland in particular finished a while ago).

We hope that you have found these Newsletters interesting, informative and relevant. The more you feedback to us, the more relevant we can make them. Please do continue to let us know what you are doing – you can email us articles and photos, send us YouTube links, DM us on Twitter – we don’t mind how you make contact, just please keep talking and we’ll keep listening… with respect.

Enjoy your break.