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Beauchamps High School

Nicola Cope, Director of Student Engagement at Beauchamps High School has written to us about a recent project carried out at the school.

View of the school

A joint project committee was set up with the Student Council and the Able, Gifted and Talented students. Students received empty hanging baskets from our local Bowling club and spent a number of weeks taking part in extra curricular lessons, which included lessons on planting. Students then planted the flowers and nurtured them until they were ready to present at the Wickford Bowling Club as part of their 40th Anniversary Celebration.

On Monday 27 June, Charlotte, Caroline, Louise, Ellen and Beth visited the Wickford Bowls Club with members of staff and governors to present the hanging baskets they had planted and nurtured over the last month. This was to help the club celebrate their 40th anniversary.

The baskets represent the hard work of the Student Council and Able, Gifted and Talented club and the strong link that Beauchamps High School has with the bowling club. An  official of the bowls club thanked the group for the baskets. He was very impressed by the range  of  age groups involved and their commitment to  this project. Caroline won the competition for the best hanging basket and was presented with a trophy.

Louise  said “We really enjoyed this project because it felt like we were giving back to the community”.

Congratulations to the students for their fantastic work!