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From the Chairman

ghdlogo200.jpgPlease may I ask you to mark October 14th in your diary as Global Handwashing Day? The official Day itself is October 15th, but you'll see that 15th is a Saturday this year.

School Councils UK is very supportive of hand hygiene in schools. We think it's a big issue for school councils. Why so? Because hand hygiene is one of those basic things in life that you have to get right.

Handwashing is also one of the most effective things you can do to stay healthy and keep others healthy too.

We shall be sending out lots of excellent things to do, see and read for Global Handwashing Day. But you don't have to wait for that!

It would be really cool to start now by washing your hands with soap, every time you use the loo and before you eat food. That way you wouldn't eat nasty bacteria or pass them on to your friends. Stay healthy instead.

Narrowing the Gap

This is a much talked about subject in schools and governing body meetings.  How can we narrow the gap between those pupils that naturally achieve and those who are not achieving their full potential.  Maybe it is because they have English as a second language, or because their culture causes them to be constantly changing schools, or perhaps it is simply because they don’t come from a background where it is perfectly ok to speak your mind and put yourself forward...
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Fundraising Section on Shop

We are very pleased to announce a brand new FUNDRAISING section in our online School Council Shop! At present there are two great ideas for your School Council to use to raise funds for their projects...
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Mobile Phone suggestions

Thanks to twitter logo we have picked up on some really great lateral thinking from the School Council at Shiplake College. We all know just how difficult it is to pry teenagers away from their mobile phones...
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Shop Offers

Given that we are fast approaching the end of the school year, we thought you might appreciate some great offers on our resources!  We will be reviewing our pricing over the holidays, so why not grab a few bargains now!
  • Handbooks (Primary & Secondary) - buy 10 get 2 free
  • Make A Difference Poster Packs – 20% discount (this means up to 35% discount for Network Members!)
  • Buy any Toolkit and get a Suggestion Box half price
  • Buy a Primary or Secondary Organiser and get 5 FREE pens
All these offers are whilst stocks last and until 22nd July.

Teacher Survey - Film: 21st Century Literacy

Film: 21st Century Literacy is a three year project funded through a National Lottery grant and delivered by FILMCLUB, BFI, Skillset, Film Education and First Light. They are currently running a UK wide survey to research the benefits of using film in the classroom...

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