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Narrowing the Gap

This is a much talked about subject in schools and governing body meetings. How can we narrow the gap between those pupils that naturally achieve and those who are not achieving their full potential. Maybe it is because they have English as a second language, or because their culture causes them to be constantly changing schools, or perhaps it is simply because they don’t come from a background where it is perfectly ok to speak your mind and put yourself forward. Many great minds in the education world have said a great deal on the subject, and we know that the causes, effects and solutions run very deep.

However, there are a few particular areas that keep cropping up – inclusion, aspiration, attainment and mentoring.

We have found that in reality there are different types of School Councils:

No, we are not saying that in order to “Narrow the Gaps” in your school all you need to do is have an effective School Council – but it’s a very good place to start.

Why not grab the future of your school in both hands? Start with a whole school survey, then look at how your School Council can work with you, as part of your team, to make your school the very best that it can be.