From our partners Quebicle

Good School Hygiene – Global Handwashing day

With upcoming Global Handwashing Day on October 15th there has never been a better time to look at ways of improving hygiene standards within your school toilets. School toilets are an essential part of creating a positive educational experience in which a child learns and develops good washroom hygiene and wellbeing practises. Ensuring that pupils are provided with good quality toilet facilities that have adequate hand washing and drying facilities ensures that children are encouraged to properly wash and dry their hands, effectively helping to stop the spread of harmful germs and bacteria.


A comfortable, fun and exciting toilet environment will actively encourage children to adopt good hand washing practises. Quebicle is an innovative company specialising in the design and installation of themed energy efficient washrooms in schools, nurseries and colleges.  Our washrooms are specifically designed for school environments and are directly tailored to the needs of the pupils using them; they are wonderfully bright and colourful, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment that pupils actively want to use.


Our washrooms are thoughtfully designed to maximise hygiene levels and ease of maintenance. We offer a number of innovative design concepts and products to ensure our washrooms are ultra-hygienic, these include; infra red and touch sensitive taps and high speed hand dryers coated with antibacterial technology. In addition to this our intelligent design ensures that our washrooms can withstand the wear and tear of a dynamic school environment and careful product selection of water and energy saving devices ensures our washrooms are economical as well as being kind to the environment.


All our washrooms are designed specifically to suit individual school needs and budget. We have a unique approach to washroom design allowing schools to choose from a range of original themed designs or actively involve their school council and pupils in the design of their very own unique washroom theme. Adopting this approach helps to create a stimulating environment where children actually look forward to washing their hands. To find out more about the products and services we offer please visit our website:  or call us on 0800 9759229