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Sometime this autumn (if you haven't already done so), you need to make a sensible long-term investment in the future of your school, your children, not to mention your own career development. If you are not already School Councils trained, you will need to be professionally trained in school council matters, if you come to the school council role anew. If you are an experienced hand, you may need to update your training as part of your CPD programme. To set the process in motion, you need only to call 0845 456 9428 and express your interest in a genuine School Councils UK course.

This means you can become endorsed as an official School Councils trained co-ordinator and properly certificated. Only School Councils UK can give you this certification. You will have time to talk with fellow teaching professionals under the leadership of a licensed School Councils trainer (most of whom are ex-teachers). Nothing improves practical knowledge like shared experience, best practise, the day-to-day practical ideas, hearing from other school council co-ordinators what issues they tackle in their school councils, what other schools did. Did they campaign publicly for improvements to their school environment? Are you due an OFSTED inspection. Are loos an issue in your school too? How about hand hygiene? Are your attendances affected by sickness? You might find that effective hand hygiene will get your attendances back up...

We offer training for single schools or for your cluster! Please give me a call (or email me) so that I can send you all the relevant information. Remember that training is tailored to your specific needs. I’m I look forward to receiving your email or call.

By the way, if pupil voice is your passion, why not ask me about our “Training for Trainers” 2-day residential course which would license you to train link teachers in schools with your own Local Authority area. What a wonderful opportunity for you! Imagine. You could recover your training fee and generate income for your school by training others! THERE IS STILL ONE LAST MINUTE SPACES AVAILABLE FOR 30th SEPTEMBER/1st OCTOBER.

Finally, do make sure you receive genuine School Councils training from an authorised School Councils UK trainer. We are aware of another training organisation, who purport to offer School Councils UK training. Not so, School Councils UK is the only source of authorised School Councils training and training resources. Other sources do not qualify you. Please call School Councils on 0845 456 9428 if you are in any doubt.

Sally Page