Featured School – Marden Primary School, Kent

mardenlogo.gif It's our pleasure to introduce a new element to our newsletters – Featured School. In this newsletter we are delighted to feature a really great school – Marden Primary School in Kent. In a way, it's to say thank you.

A really great school? Why so? Because they gave of themselves for other people on the grand scale. That always goes down well in our book. Let them tell you their own story.

Amanda Reardon, School Manager writes:
"On 16th March 2010, Marden School Council held a Sponsored Sports Challenge to raise money for the Haiti Appeal. The Council had designed a series of sports challenges in the school hall and the children had 2 minutes to complete each activity in a circuit training style session.
"Children stacked cups, jumped, balanced, slalomed, dribbled and stepped their way around the hall having asked family and friends to sponsor them generously.
"A few of the children were moved to raise or donate money in addition to this event. One pupil donated her pocket money; some others put on a play and charged their friends to watch, and; another challenged himself to skip for as long as he could and charged his friends to watch.
"All in all, the children at Marden Primary School raised £2436.84!! An amazing total and they were rightly very proud of themselves."

Now that's special.
Tell us about your school council's news. Its successes, difficulties, disappointments, its problems, its highlights. Write to me, stephenpage@schoolcouncils.org and who knows, we might be telling your story to the other 30,000 schools next time round.

From School Councils UK Training

Sometime this autumn (if you haven't already done so), you need to make a sensible long-term investment in the future of your school, your children, not to mention your own career development. If you are not already School Councils trained, you will need to be professionally trained in school council matters, if you come to the school council role anew. If you are an experienced hand, you may need to update your training as part of your CPD programme. To set the process in motion, you need only to call 0845 456 9428 and express your interest in a genuine School Councils UK course... For the full article, click here.

Health Seminar at NUT HQ

nutprofdevel200.jpgPlease may I ask you to pencil November 12th in your diary, for a one-day seminar on Health Matters in school, to be held at NUT HQ in Mabledon Place, London, entitled "More than a spoonful of sugar". You will also have chance to meet School Councils UK, who are there as part of our hand hygiene initiative. More information is here.

Global Handwashing Day

While your diary is to hand, please would you make sure you have Global Handwashing Day marked down for October 15th. Please visit www.globalhandwashingday.org.uk to see what's happening and join in.

From the Chairman

It's one year on since I assumed responsibility for School Councils UK. We had our 1st birthday party on Friday, 10th September (doesn't time fly!). It's time to take stock and decide "What's the direction we need to set for the next year, at least." Well, number one is to build on what we have. We are seeing a surge in uptake for the new revamped School Councils. We've got some BIG friends now, who are working with us. We even did a government consultation recently where HMG was asking for the children's views through School Councils. Now's that's a coup for us all! THAT's democracy in school. My own sense is that the PSHE agenda and SCUK's own agenda are closely aligned. Let me tell you why...

Stephen Page, Chairman