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Welcome back to a new School Year.

You will soon need to get your new School Council back up and running (if you haven't already done so). To do that you will need:

School Councils Resources:
New for this School Year are the 2010/11 Year Planners and the launch of the brand new, re-written and re-designed Primary School Handbooks which we anticipate will be ready for despatch after half term! Click here for more information on all your goods, including ever popular badges – classic quality that will do true credit to your school and be a privilege to wear – plus information on hats, books, DVD's, Toolkits and so on. While you are looking, check through for all your other needs and save postage!  For a fuller article on Resources, see here

School Councils Membership
click here
for more information about membership of the School Councils network, if you are not already members.


School Councils Training
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for more information about the vital training you really NEED to have, if you are to have a truly effective School Council and as part of the CPD programme you need and deserve. Or click here for information concerning Training for Trainers (become an SCUK certified trainer and train others)

Stop Press:

Union Support: We are delighted to have the support of NUT for our stance on hand hygiene. See here for more, including an upcoming Health Seminar at NUT HQ.

Government support: As you may have seen, the government has recently conducted a consultation initiative through School Councils UK to ask young people for their views on the subject of the Children's Commissioner for England. See here for more.

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