From the Chairman

I have a very important message for you (below). The government would like to know your views (yes, really!) and is asking for your opinions. This is true democracy in action (wow!), so please do tell the government what you think. They are keen to hear from you.
The message reads as follows:

From John Dunford:


We would like your opinion on a very important matter…
The Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove, has asked me to conduct an independent review of the office for the Children’s Commissioner for England.
Have you heard of the Children’s Commissioner? The Children’s Commissioner is there to promote the views and best interests of children and young people in England, and to make sure that adults in charge listen to your views.
The Secretary of State has asked that I make sure that children and young people have the opportunity to give evidence to the review. That’s where you come in. Whether or not you have heard of the Children’s Commissioner, we want to hear from you.
Here are two ways to respond. There is an online survey, which has been specially designed to capture your views. Or, there is a questionnaire which you can download, fill in and return to us by email or post. If you would like to interview your peers, then use this interview version of the questionnaire. If you would find it easier to share your views in another way then please feel free to do so.bigrquotes120.gif


This is your chance.  Please do grab it with both hands because if the government gets good feedback from you, they may be encouraged to ask you about future things. Who knows? Thank you for taking part.
Best wishes
Stephen Page
School Councils UK