From the Chairman

Steven Page There are times like now when I gladly acknowledge that I am behind the curve on something, so if I am teaching you to suck eggs, I apologise now. I am fairly meticulous personally about hand hygiene, but I have to confess I am behind the curve on this one. Badly. I had no idea of the breadth and depth of the problem. I think few of us do, in truth.

School Councils UK is going to be promoting Global Handwashing Day. It sounds like a 3rd world issue (which it is, as well) but it is an important subject here and now and an important event on October 15th in UK terms.

There are some pretty yukky anecdotes about infection passing via bowls of peanuts in bars or shared tubs of popcorn, and discretion says I should spare you the full details here. But clearly, starkly, urgently, yikes it's a genuine health hazard.

And then I was with a school yesterday on a completely different errand (making arrangements for a radio interview) and they told me that they had noticed that their attendances were down, so they had put hand sprays into classes and watched attendances climb back up. Nowadays, if anyone so much as sneezes in that school, it's hand-spray time.

I need no more proof.

Hand hygiene moves right up the School Councils agenda.


Stephen Page

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Playground Buddy hatWe are very pleased to offer a new product in our range of resources for Schools and School Councils. These were a special request from a school in Surrey, and we were so impressed with them that we have decided to offer them to all schools!

These are good quality, 5 panel baseball caps, embroidered on the front with the words “Playground Buddy”. These fantastic hats will be produced to order, so you can obtain them in a variety of colours and stitiching in your school colours. Delivery takes about 14 days. Images will be available to see in our online shop shortly.

Order by email to: Or by phone: 0845 456 9428 Or online at:


School Councils Foundation

Our work continues apace.

First, may we record our grateful thanks to the many schools who have again responded magnificently to our Haiti Follow-up Appeal. With your help, we can do some real good. We mustn't forget the children of Haiti, now or anytime. It is so gratifying to think of all the work that goes into making any donation. Thank you! Keep it coming. Send more donations to the address at the foot of this email.

Next, the networking goes on. We are talking to the media, major charities, academics, banks, major corporates, local and national government contacts and, of course(!), the important people, yourselves. It takes a long while for these seeds to come up but quite clearly they are above ground. And when they grow more, we are sure that a new stronger, more vigorous, lateral-thinking kind of School Councils UK will emerge. The amount of work we have to do is enormous but it is so worthwhile. Isn't it? But... are we missing something? If we are, email the Chairman direct. He wants to know.

We have been POURING resources into the core under-the-bonnet stuff of "calling all schools" literally(!) to make sure that we have contact details up to date. Please help us with our work - if you would like anyone else to receive our email newsletters, or just have an amendment to make, please let us know. Email David who will update our systems for you.

In the months ahead, you will see a major push from School Councils UK in the direction of hand hygiene, the first steps in a whole new field for us. Again, we need to do more work, this time with The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, whose help I most gratefully acknowledge. In hygiene generally, you will know that our offer of a free hygiene audit (subject to conditions) was extended. Please, if this is of interest, make your interest known by emailing

It was great to get a pat on the back from the NUT for our work. We'll take that as a feather in our cap, if we may, with thanks! May we offer you a link to their video, on the subject of student leadership which echoes many of the things we have been saying.