From the Chairman

We at School Councils are keen to support leadership qualities in young folk and it happened that just such a young leader from Kent challenged me to explain how their school would benefit from School Councils membership. Great question! Here's my answer to all young leaders and here's where to sign up for membership.

From School Councils Training

Would you like to receive practical ideas, guidance and resources to put your Council at the centre of effective Student Voice? We offer School Council training, delivered by trainers who are generally ex-teachers with a wealth of Pupil Voice experience. Someone once said "If you think training has a high cost, compare it to the cost of not training". See what the Trainers have to say here... and contact Sally Page direct to talk about your training needs.

From School Councils Foundation

If you are new to the School Councils Foundation, simply, we are the charitable arm of SCUK. For more information about the Foundation and our vision please contact the Foundation on 01394 288518

Haiti Follow-up Appeal: You will have seen that we sent a follow-up appeal to schools last week as part of our sense of wanting to make a real difference to the lives of Haitian schoolchildren by helping to get the Haitian education system more back on its feet. Read how you can help here

Healthy Schools: Our Healthy Ambitions bid in Suffolk is now being considered… watch this space!

Hygiene Audits: the offer has been extended – please call 01394 288518 for more information.

Other News: Thank you to those who have already contacted us, however, we will continue to seek and develop new relationships…

Coming soon: an exciting competition from Quebicle

From our friends and partners Bog Standard

The most frequently discussed topic in School Councils is Hygiene and in particular the school toilets. Click here for a well-considered update on what's happening nationally and a request for survey information.

School Councils with teeth!

There is a super example of pupil democracy taken to the next level in Burton Staffs, as we discovered. The school councils get to spend some of their local parish council's money for them! Here's the link to the original newspaper article

Introducing our good friends and partners, The Children's Trust

TCTT logo

We are thrilled to introduce The Children's Trust to you. The Children's Trust is a national charity that rehabilitates children who have acquired a brain injury following a serious accident or illness and helps families come to terms with what has happened to their child. The Children's Trust also provides care and education for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs.

They’re a fantastic charity and we will be bringing you more news from The Children's Trust in the weeks to come!

Participate in Global Handwashing Day 2010

Global Handwashing Day is held every year on October 15th to raise awareness of the health benefits of washing hands with soap. This simple activity can help to prevent infections such as swine flu and pneumonia.

A variety of activities will be taking place to mark Global Handwashing Day 2010, including the provision of online school resources such as lesson plans and games, a schools artwork competition and student surveys about handwashing in UK schools.

Keep up to date with Global Handwashing Day 2010 developments at If you have any questions, please contact