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Welcome back to a new term!  After so many Bank Holidays I don’t know if we feel rested, or just completely out of routine!  In many ways it will be good for life to get back to normal.

To encourage your School Councils in the excellent work I know they do, we have a SPECIAL OFFER for you!  Every order for resources over £50 (excluding VAT and P&P) will have a FREE primary or secondary DVD added to it.  Just place your order as usual (by fax, phone or in our online shop) and your DVD will automatically be included.

The Primary DVD – “Safe and Sorted” presents the achievements of two primary schools in very different circumstances.  It focuses on the involvement of all pupils in the council through class meetings.

The Secondary DVD – “Voices of Reason” presents the achievements of Lipson Community College, examining the effects of the School Council on pupils, staff, governors and the community.  The TES descibes it as “a genuinely uplifting case study”.

This is a time-limited offer, so why not check your resources now and order whilst you can get this FREE offer!

I hope that everyone is enjoying a great Easter break.  The sun is shining here and we have our summer clothes out of last year’s mothballs!  The forecast is good for the bank holiday weekend, so time to relax and enjoy the warmth.

Whilst you are all on holiday and relaxing, we are still working away, coming up with new ideas and new resources to help you and your School Council!

We reviewed the badges we sell, and could find no reason why the metal enamelled School Council badges were only available in 3 colours, whilst the Year Council badges are available in 4 colours.  In our experience, many schools have at least four Houses or Communities and often those groups are represented by Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.  So…. we decided it was about time to add YELLOW SCHOOL COUNCIL ENAMELLED BADGES to our stock.

Do visit our shop by clicking on the link, or give us a call on 0845 456 9428 to place your order!

Yesterday we attended the 5-12 Year Olds Children’s Forum run by the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham to talk about SCUK and to spend a couple of hours working with the children who attended to help them improve upon their School Councillor Skills. 

What a fantastic morning!  The children were brilliant, they engaged with us and thoroughly enjoyed their training.  Mr Terry Purcell, the Pastoral Support Leader who accompanied the students from Marsh Green Primary School has already said

” The students had a wonderful time and I feel that it was the most beneficial forum we have been to.”

The session was for two hours and we packed a lot into that time! The students covered Basic School Council Skills, Communication and Decision Making as well as having time for some games that actively demonstrated and reinforced the subjects covered.  Each student went back to their school with a booklet to finish completing with the rest of their School Council and a new pen, and each accompanying teacher took a sample copy of our brand new Primary Handbook.

Thank you to Sem for leading the training with the students and to Kevin Donovan for inviting us.

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